Tired Of Nuisance Calls? 3 Tips To Stop Them In Their Tracks

8 March 2017
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There was a time when phone solicitors could only harass you at home. While that was definitely an annoyance, at least you knew you were safe from those calls when you were away from home. Now, if you have a cell phone, they can harass you everywhere you go, that is, unless you take the necessary precautions. Here are three simple steps you should take to stop receiving nuisance calls and texts on your cell phone.

Register Your Phone Number

If you registered your landline to prevent phone solicitors from contacting you, your home phone is protected. However, if you have registered your cell phones, you could still receive calls and texts from those same solicitors. To stop those calls from happening, be sure to add your cell phones to your list of protected numbers.

Stop Robocalls in Their Tracks

It used to be that there was an actual human on the other end of those calls you received from unwanted phone solicitors. Nowadays, those calls can be automated. That means there will be a computer-generated voice on the other end of the call. Worse yet, they've also programmed robocalls to generate text messages, as well. That means, you can receive computer-generated texts from companies that are after your business. If you're receiving unwanted robocalls, there's an app that will stop those calls and texts in their tracks. Download a robocall app like Stealth Mode App on your electronic device, and you'll never have to worry about unwanted computer calls again. It's important to note that you'll have to download the app on each of your electronic devices.

Create a Block List

If you're receiving unwanted calls from former acquaintances, or bill collectors, and those calls have reached harassment levels, it might be time to create a block list for your cell phone. With the block feature that's available on most cell phones, you can add numbers that you don't want to accept calls from. When those numbers try to reach you, the call will be blocked, and you'll be notified of the attempt. One of the benefits of the block feature is that you can block as many phone numbers as needed. You can also unblock numbers, if you change your mind. It's also important to note that blocking a number will also prevent the caller from sending text messages to your phone.

Tired of receiving nuisance calls on your cell phone? Use the tips provided here to stop the harassment.